Establish your expertise with an Executive DBA from École des Ponts Business School


Formalize, structure and share your expertise

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (E-DBA) is designed for professionals who wish to pursue a degree beyond the MBA, E-MBA, or other advanced graduate degree (MSc, LLB, …). The program will enable you to structure the experience gained throughout your career and ground it in the theory and academic literature related to your field. In the formalization process doctoral students use their own practice as the starting point and then apply or develop frameworks, methods, techniques, and/or theories. Thus the emphasis is on encapsulating (or "packaging") best practices to share with others, and/or the novel application of theory to business practices.

A degree for thinkers and doers (and doers who are thinkers)

In essence, the focus of the E-DBA is practical, rather than theoretical. The profile of applicants is therefore different than most PhD programs. Our E-DBA program is for “thinkers and doers” or for “doers who are also thinkers”. It is tailored for those individuals who have gained valuable knowledge through their professional experiences and who now are reflecting upon what they have learned formally and informally, complementing their practical knowledge with theoretical groundings in an easy and effective way to share with others, and to further establish themselves as experts in their field. The E-DBA will add a significant professional qualification to your work portfolio. In some cases, E-DBA recipients may wish to go on to conduct research and to write academic articles, although most opt not to pursue this option (an option often left to those with PhD degrees). Others leverage the E-DBA to create board membership and senior consulting opportunities. The E-DBA degree also gives graduates the ability to teach as adjuncts and/or full-time faculty in undergraduate and graduate programs in most business schools and/or universities.

Establish your position as a recognized business expert

Demonstrated expertise in your field or in your industry, supported by managerial experience, is a prerequisite to access senior management positions and board memberships. As a top expert, Executive DBA graduates are also able to to differentiate themselves from many of the MBA-level staff they manage or are led to manage. More generally, by formalizing the work-based expertise gained during their careers, doctoral graduates develop a recognized "practice", or specialization, or add a new focus or dimension to their specialization, that allows them to teach, consult, train or mentor others in their area of expertise. 

Develop your ability to carry out in-depth analysis and high-performance decision-making

The Executive DBA is designed to equip recipients with a set of analytical tools to reflect on real business issues and capture a holistic ("helicopter") as well as a detailed view of a decision and its impact on the company and its environment. The frequent application of quantitative and qualitative research methods develops the ability to think critically and offer new solutions to existing problems. The case study methods courses also help doctoral students to model problems, critically analyze all aspects of a real-world business challenge and analyze in-depth the possible solutions, scenarios and outcomes to a given situation. The learning labs included at the start and the end of the program incite doctoal students to reflect on your own thinking ("meta thinking") and to think critically about how your doctoral work and your thinking can have the biggest impact on your career, your company and your world. 

Further the frontier of knowledge in your profession

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration is a Doctoral level, research-based qualification, designed to make a contribution to the enhancement of transdisciplinary professional practice in management as well as a contribution to knowledge via the formalization of knowledge, methods and information gathered via the practice of one’s career. Adding leading-edge theory to your own practice, allows you to formalize what you know, enhance your expertise and, often, to put word/theories/concepts/frameworks on the work you are already doing. The E-DBA is also an opportunity to benchmark other organizations and institutions working your field to see what the most advanced thinkers are doing. Finally, the E-DBA is a wonderful opportunity to create a global network of experts in your field and to play a central role in a "community of experts" linked to your practice and area of interest. 

Earn your Executive DBA while you work and transform your career

The Executive DBA from École des Ponts Business School is a part-time and flexible program compatible with a full-time occupation. Executive DBA candidates are typically at at stage of their career where a sabbatical leave has a significant cost, both in terms of compensation "opportunity costs" and in terms of career progresion. Additionally, the School strongly believes that applying the newly acquired tools and in-progress research findings to one's professional practice is a positive feedback loop that impacts positively your work and your research - and directly impacts the pertinence of your research findings and the quality of your publications. As much as being employed is not a requirement to gain admission into the program, we encourage professionals looking for an immediate career change to achieve their transition in parallel whith the E-DBA program. On top of the academic activities, the optional profesional coaching program and the networking opportunities offered by the School are the key assets to a successful career transition.

Please download the Executive DBA brochure here