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Experiencing Coaching Leadership

Week-end Workshop - 27 & 28 February 2016 - Paris

  • Create powerful conversations with people to help them advance professionally
  • Gain clarity about their personal stake and the impact you are making
  • Experiment new ways to reinforce and further develop your own leadership style

Testimonials from the workshop of 5 & 6 December 2015

"The generosity of Xavier and Julie made this session deep, cheerful, authentic and, most importantly, empowering. I have seen deep changes in participants in less than 48 hours. I fel myself resourced, equipped with a lot of innovative coaching tools to manage people in line with my human-centered management approach."

"I came to the workshop not knowing what to expect as the topic was quite new to me. It turned out to be very engaging, participative and also intellectually enriching. I definitely left much more empowered, inspired and motivated to face the challenges ahead. I look forward to participating in other workshops with Julie & Xavier."

What is Coaching Leadership?

Coaching Leadership is a style of “servant leadership” which aims at leading through the development of other individuals such as team members, colleagues and partners. Within corporations and organizations, Coaching Leadership is particularly suited for complex environments where matrix-based responsibilities and volatile teams make it difficult for individuals to have long-lasting impact and reach their professional goals. Within such environments, influencing/lobbying is equally important as driving and Coaching Leadership accomplishes both. Coaching Leaders are also highly suited for facilitator roles as they drive participants to formulate a solution on their own rather than advise them to follow a particular direction. Last, Coaching Leaders are transformative in nature. They create powerful transformational relationships with other individuals, giving them a very effective approach to scale their vision and co‐create a common future.

This workshop from the Executive Transformation Series is led by:


Xavier has a proven track record in entrepreneurship and has occupied various managerial roles in large IT-Telecom Groups such as Orange and Swisscom in the USA, France and Switzerland. Positions include Business Innovation Manager, IT Governance Lead and Strategy Manager. He has conducted cross-organization strategic projects across most corporate divisions and has first-hand experience in dealing with corporate politics and stakeholders.
A passionate corporate trainer, Xavier specializes in powerful experiential-learning workshops focusing on developing Leadership and Innovation. He is currently designing the first Human-Centric Leadership training curriculum in partnership with Swisscom.
Xavier is a Certified Professional Co-active® Coach (CPCC), a certification validated by the International Coaching Federation. He coaches professionals so they may unleash the power of innovation in their life, business and career. Xavier is also a speaker and moderator of innovation for the IT-Telecom industry at the École des Ponts Business School, and M.Sc. HEG-VD, HES-SO, Lausanne.


With an MSc in Neuroscience (University of Oxford) and several years researching memory mechanisms in the lab (University College London and University of Oxford), Julie has first-hand experience in the process of creating viable innovative ideas that sustain the test of the scientific method. A trained psychologist and certified coach, she enables her clients to access a different level of awareness to generate innovative insights.
Julie trained at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Its Co-Active Coach® training program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry. CTI is the oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world and has trained over 35,000 coaches as well as employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies.
She is a graduate of CTI's unique Leadership training, where she learned the skills and tools to empower her clients to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of their lives. She is also a member of the International Coach Federation and abides by its Code of Ethics.


Ecole des Ponts Business School Executive Campus
77 rue de Miromesnil - 75008 Paris

Fees and Registration

  • Company-sponsored participants: € 1,090
  • Individuals: € 510*
  • Special fee for École des Ponts Business School Participants & Alumni: €255

Workshop fees include all teaching material, as well as coffee breaks, lunches and the optional dinner on Saturday

* Workshop participants joining an École des Ponts Business School MBA, E-MBA or E-DBA program within 1 year will get a 100% refund


For more information, please contact Kataline Boubet - + 33 (0)1 64 15 22 12 – info@pontsbschool.com