Welcome Faculty

Message from the dean

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi

The ENPC School of International Management brings together professors, faculty and students with widely differing experiences and interests who share one goal: the pursuit of excellence. We pride ourselves on the high standards, diversity, professionalism and multicultural nature of our very international faculty - one of the points emphasized time and time again by our participants in their evaluations of our programs. We realize that it is both a pleasure and a challenge to work with students and professionals from such a broad range of cultures, educational backgrounds and work experiences. As you know, the aim of the School is to enrich their knowledge beyond technical proficiency to mastering the mental frameworks and analytical tools for lasting individual development and professional success. However, participants also appreciate – and mention – an implicit type of learning which is the result of the multicultural perspectives they receive from each one of you; members of our diverse international visiting faculty.

Since 1987, the ENPC School of International Management has been delivering a dynamic range of undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs. The common philosophy, underlying all of our programs, is that of "value-based global leadership". It is our conviction that leadership and management must be anchored in a value system that emphasizes human capital and society at large. Because business is international and management is cross-cultural, we have always emphasized a global approach to teaching – and you are key to the success of our programs.

The above approach has been enriched over the years through teaching ENPC MBA programs in several parts of the world, including Paris, Casablanca, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and New Delhi. Furthermore, our Faculty has always delivered to our program participants forward-thinking and challenging content which addresses current issues and future challenges in business and management.

The quality of our offerings has been recognized by the Association of MBA programs (AMBA), which has accredited our programs. The AMBA not only granted our programs full re-accreditation status, but also highlighted the School’s ability to encourage students to “learn how to learn” and to think for themselves.

We thank you for your valuable contribution to our programs and appreciate your effort to make the ENPC MBA a rewarding journey of reflection, discovery and advancement for our program participants.

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi
Dean and Professor
ENPC School of International Management
Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées