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'Leading for Happiness' International Panel & Cocktail 

25 November 2015

After a period of successive crises, economic, social & political, there is renewed interest in the relationship between well-being and performance at the workplace. Successful economic actors are also focusing on the ultimate impact of their products and services with a view to making them compatible with societal well-being. 
As an overriding principle, many stakeholders are asking if human dignity needs to take second place to economic activity. Could bold leadership make economic performance compatible with Happiness? 
These are just some of the topics that will be debated amongst an international panel of speakers and a high-level audience from a range of fields.

Confirmed speakers :

  • Michel Pirson (Harvard Research Fellow)
  • Georges Leblanc (Emeritus Professor, HEC)
  • Romina Boarina (Leader on Well-Being Statistics, OECD)
  • Desmond McGetrick (Professor, Ecole des Ponts Business School)

Program :

  • 6.30 pm : Networking
  • 7.00 pm : Introduction
  • 7.15 pm : High Level Panel
  • 8.15 pm : Q&A
  • 8.45 pm : Networking over Wine & Cheese

Date: 25 November 
Venue: Ecole des Ponts Business School Executive Campus, 77 rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris

For more information: Kataline Boubet - 01 64 15 22 12 or info@pontsbschool.com