The Financial Times: 10 questions to Kirsty Tan and Baya Tuvshintugs

February 24, 2012

the value of two business women from enpc mba paris 

financial times - online female q&a “ten questions” february 14th , 2012. two great enpc mba ladies interviewed by charlotte clark, business education researcher at the financial times. the ft column is calledten questionsand features short q&a interviews with women from the world of business education, focusing on their experiences and their vision of personal and professional life. kirsty and baya gave inspiring answers on their academic achievements, business heroes, lessons learnt and life philosophy. 

dean, prof. kirsty tan, international dean of shanghai international mba (simba), representing the enpc mba paris in france and liaising with tongji university in china; professor of entrepreneurship, operations management, consulting, financial compliance, accounting, audit, at enpc mba paris. “the tagline for my consulting firm is “dream. believe. achieve.” my advice to women in business is - dare to dream, believe in yourself, achieve the impossible”.

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baya tuvshintugs, mba graduatein international businessfrom enpc mba paris, france; finalist of the amba student of the year award 2010. she now runs her own consulting business in mongolia and central asia, which she hopes to expand to include clients outside the business circle, such as the nomads of the region. “never settle for an easy job. always challenge yourself to your fullest potential. the path you are afraid to choose holds the key to your happiness. the mba education opened my eyes to the world”.

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