Financing my MBA



Making the choice to pursue an MBA is an important investment that requires thought as to how to best finance your program both in terms of tuition feesand cost of living expenses. As every individual is unique in terms of situation, opportunities and needs, our Admissions Team will be happy to assistyou in the elaboration of your financing mix.

In addition to finding a short description of the main financing options below, you may also download a comprehensive, up-to-date document gathering tips, sources and advice

Please note that many financing schemes are time-sensitive and may require planning six months or more before your program starts.

Common MBA financing options


Depending on company policy, employers can finance all or part of MBA tuition fees. It is rare today that an employer agrees to finance an MBA in full, but it is not unheard of. More often, you can negotiate a significant contribution to your tuition fees. In addition, some companies offer corporate scholarships.


This is the most common source of financing for MBA programs. The Solvay Ponts Admissions Team has negotiated preferred rates and packages with leading European banks for all participants that meet the banks’ criteria, such as providing a loan guarantor.
Please find here the special scheme with Société Générale


Available through the Campus France network or your local French Embassy, they are primarily aimed at attracting quality graduate students. Beneficiaries are selected on the basis of academic criteria.


Every country has scholarship and funding options and you should contact institutions in your country to check for available opportunities. Some online platforms help students to obtain information about different scholarships, grants, financial aid across the globe. In France, for instance, professionals can benefit from an individual right to training (DIF/CPF) and support from a joint labor/management fund (FONGECIF).


In many countries an MBA is considered a tax-deductible expense.

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Overview of Full-time & EMBA Tuition Fees

Full Time (15months): € 32,000 (in Brussels & Paris)
Part Time (2 years): € 32,000 (in Brussels)

1 weekend/month (18 months): € 42,000
€45,000 for Company sponsored candidates