MBA in Enterprise Risk Management


over the last few years, some of the world’s events have shown the crucial importance for decision makers to effectively manage risks wich have caused enormous damage to the global economy and the reputation of firms:

  • financial risks, such as those due to 2008 sub-primes crisis,
  • technological risks, e.g., the 2010 bp oil spill,
  • natural hazards, like those caused by the 2011 tsunami in japan, etc.
due to environmental, market and societal dynamics, companies and organizations have been facing increasing complexity in formulating strategies, implementing decisions and managing operations. identifying business opportunities and taking risks are quite unavoidable when managing a company and trying to sustain its business in a rapidly changing world.

as such, risk management has always been an integral part of a manager’s remit. however, managing the various types of risks, from a technology failure to a terrorism threat, and their potential corporate impact requires specific skills. the latter include managers’ ability to perceive weak signals, make sense of a certain situation and assess its associated risk. in order to provide these skills to high potential professionals, the enpc mba paris has decided to introduce in its mba program a specialization track in “enterprise risk management”. 

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