About the School

The objective of Career Development Services (CDS) at the École des Ponts Business School Paris is to help prepare future graduates for their successful reintegration into the workforce post-MBA. We provide a self-driven and personalized approach to career development and professional placement. Our guidance offering includes tailored coaching and planning, based on participants’ personal and professional goals, as well as, assistance in making meaningful corporate contacts with organizations looking to recruit MBA talent and multicultural skills.

Every year, the School publishes a Profile Book of the current MBA class, which it distributes to over 200 multinational corporations. This is just one of the many ways in which the School works to promote its talented participants.

Download the Profile Book for the current MBA class

Download profile statistics of the current MBA class

Access to the Vault Online Career Library

More specifically, the Career Development office offers the following services:
  • Development of a personalized, individual career management plan, career plan monitoring and counseling
  • CV-writing skills workshop
  • ENPC Career Forum (Forum Trium)
  • Job-search strategy and interview skills workshop
  • Round Tables on career orientation
  • Corporate presentations and recruiting interviews on campus
  • Coordination of off-campus meetings/interviews between companies and participants
  • Business cards for students to help them job hunt and network during their time at the School


The École des Ponts Business School offers participants an extensive suite of online resources through the intranet, nicknamed The Bridge. The e-Library gives participants access to:

  • Online business and education databases including Kompass, Business Source Complete, Econlit, Factiva, Cyberlibris, Eurostat, Factbook, INSEE, SESSI
  • Online catalogs including the catalogs of other leading business school and university libraries like HEC, Harvard, Insead, including French institutions like ESSEC and Sciences Po.
  • Reviews, periodicals and business/financial journals including access to the FT, WSJ, OECD studies, as well as access to leading French publications like the Nouvel Economiste, Les Echos and more.
  • Open archives with access to research papers, working papers, articles and theses from around the world.
  • Cyberlibris e-book library with over 1200 books on business, management, finance and economics.
  • Quicklinks to specialized business and management websites and portals
  • Web 2.0 resources

ENPC Library

The ENPC library, Bibliothèque Lesage, is located at the ENPC campus at Champs-sur-Marne. This modern library facility housed at the École des Ponts Business School's mother school has a wealth of textbooks, reports, dictionaries, reference books, online periodicals, electronic databases, magazines,print periodicals, a media library, computer work and research stations, on-line and internet-based resources, as well as the electronic resources mentioned above. 

The library is organized by thematic classification and is particularly strong in engineering and finance. Sources are available in English, French and to a lesser degree in Spanish.
 The library opening hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 09:00 – 19:00
  • Friday: 9:00 – 17:00
  • In the summer, July-September, Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 17:00

Finally, participants can also request access to the Sciences-Po (Institut des Sciences Politiques) library located in the St. Germain neighborhood of Paris.

During the building’s opening hours, participants have access to a student lounge and access to PC’s and printers dedicated for students’ personal use and emails.   

The building is also equipped with a secure Wi-Fi network, enabling students to access the Internet using their personal laptop computers.  Specialized graphic design programs, scanners and high-speed and color printers are available, upon request, at the career development offices.